Holy One

Holy One   You are Holy. King of kings, Majestic indeed! You are my Savior and Redeemer. You are Living Water. You are Sacrificial Lamb. You are my All-in-All. You love beyond measure. You are Righteous. You are Fair to all. You hold me in Your Right Hand. You protect me from evil sins. You […]

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God Unfailing

God Unfailing   I look at my world each day. It becomes smaller as my love grows each moment for You.   I look at your creations and I am overwhelmed by You. You are my God Unfailing.   I search for You in prayer. I find You there waiting. You bow down reaching.   […]

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Forgiveness   Lord forgive my inconsistency. I miss you when not meeting. Forgive my lacking constancy as my moods change frequently.   Lord, hear my mercy pleas. Remind me of your grace. Show Your loving mercy to me, now, as I seek You.   Forgive my lacking faith as You show faithfulness. Return to me […]

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Tan and green pine needles cover the forest clearing. Soft like a fluffy cushion they mimic walking sounds.   A stream of sunlight escapes Sun’s presence visiting us. I am one with the magical moments passing one by one.   I am at ease in the moment. I do not want the triune to end. […]

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