She is Lovely

She is Lovely She embraces you deeply. Her perfume is sweet lavender. Smiling consumes your heart. Stars in her eyes fascinate you. The lifeline in her hand is yours. Joyously she laughs with you. She is lovely beyond measure. And you are so lucky to have her. She will love you forever more. You are […]

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Artistic Comparisons

  Artistic talent Comparisons Painting and Poetry are much the same. The painter creates an image to be seen. Gazes turn to the beauty that talent created.   The poet weaves a painting with unique and beautiful words and phrases plus artistry. Read far and wide, heart beckons poetry.   Whether a connoissour of canvas […]

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Pain Attacks

  Pain Attack Pain attacks this healthy body. Or so I thought to be healthy With pain you lose your days and nights with slumber fitful. I confess I felt healthy prior, but abused it with overeating and too little exercise and a silent diatribeactivity But my look back gives me No relief from the […]

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  Blood   Thick but thin Viscous red Color bright Captures you Thoughts too We each bleed No one exempt Cut with knife Frustration too Cuts like knife And we bleed And bleed And bleed Leaving us dry To the bone Scars are left Few remember Fewer care We each find Our own way But […]

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Innocents Eyes of honesty Mouths speak integrity Noses sniff  falsehood Ears hear dishonesty Why must society; Why must we set out to tarnish their innocence? Why do we shoot Mockingbirds? Susans Soul… Author note: written after reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” again.   Join us…

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