I Don’t Understand

I Don’t Understand  The sun is out and beautiful. Still sadness invades my being. Yesterday it rained all day long. Yet I was saddened and lonely.   Even when angry I am sad I cry when saddened. I cry when content.  I cry when angry … I understood it was because of my abuse. I […]

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Return to Me

Expectantly, I awaited your return, but you did not come to me again. I thought you would always be mine, but you left me on my own, so alone.   Could it be that you delayed to show how much I needed you? Or to create a boundary between our life souls? You breathe life […]

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Crave Days led by cravings To give in…weakens Living with guilt now Regret inhabits soul … Cravings consume still Moments of desire nag For all that forbidden Unceasing…Oh so tired … Praying for relief now Search for peace now To crave leads to find Path unguided … Peace of God’s presence The path is made […]

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Sad Departure

Sad Departure   You left today Left me alone My best friend Now I’m here You are absent So much fun Such freedom Now both gone Crying real tears Struggling so I will miss you Sad departure Goodbye friend   Susans Soul…

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