She is Lovely

She is Lovely She embraces you deeply. Her perfume is sweet lavender. Smiling consumes your heart. Stars in her eyes fascinate you. The lifeline in her hand is yours. Joyously she laughs with you. She is lovely beyond measure. And you are so lucky to have her. She will love you forever more. You are […]

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Grip of Fear

Gripped by fear Unable to breath Eyes wide open Isolated, alone Nobody can help Lips, mouth dry At the edge panic As he approaches Terrible memories Dart through mind Will this ever end? Divorce finalized Breathing deeply Closed down flashes Calmness begins now Am centered again Very tired from ordeal Close eyes and sleep . […]

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Woke up today with a plan to share a pin from Pinterest. Not to be,  I failed failure. So often this happens to me.   Frustration follows my failings. Seems the harder I try then the more I fail at what I want. Today I promise failure stops!   Now I’m trying a paradyne that […]

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Days led by cravings
To give in…weakens
Living with guilt now
Regret inhabits soul

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