She is Lovely

She is Lovely She embraces you deeply. Her perfume is sweet lavender. Smiling consumes your heart. Stars in her eyes fascinate you. The lifeline in her hand is yours. Joyously she laughs with you. She is lovely beyond measure. And you are so lucky to have her. She will love you forever more. You are […]

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Evening Fog

Evening Fog   Evening settles in. Cloudy skies overhead welcome the appearance of fog. Fog falls like misty raindrops. Heaviness descends as the atmosphere changes. No color except nearby trees and a few fallen leaves of red. Grayness all around the lake Vision diminished to two feet. My spirit succumbs to sadness. On sunny days […]

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Poetry   Poetry fluid to each who read Emotive to both poet and reader At times, draws stark contrasts Can be deeply sober, pensive Other times, light full of humor Poetry encompasses life lived It includes all language spoken Poet’s experience bestowed  To write poetry you embrace it Poets convey the art of language To […]

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