A Walk in the Garden

A Walk in the Garden   You and I in the garden together A while since we met this way. You full of light and hope. The last time Spring’s new growth Autumn season of year, now Beautiful color painting Red Yellow Orange Brown l love red; of course, you know. I see the mums […]

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Trinity   God is Father, Creator. Jesus is God Man on earth. Holy Spirit given us after. Jesus’ sacrifice, death Three Parts All in One

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Holy One

Holy One   You are Holy. King of kings, Majestic indeed! You are my Savior and Redeemer. You are Living Water. You are Sacrificial Lamb. You are my All-in-All. You love beyond measure. You are Righteous. You are Fair to all. You hold me in Your Right Hand. You protect me from evil sins. You […]

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Heavenly Quiet

Heavenly Quiet   A quiet hush fills all of Heaven when God’s Righteous Son stands.   Jesus speaks of times of quiet here in Heavenly Realms betwixt songs.   The Holy One, speaks still small voice sharing His Love to all those saved.   Each dwelt in Heaven, full of quiet anticipation as The Son […]

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