Winter will soon arrive. I live in middle Tennessee so winter is temperate compared to the North or Northeast. Susans Soul…

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The Old Rocking Chair

The Old Rocking Chair   The chair took residence in my room. I asked it “Why are you sitting here?” She answered not so I sat down on her. My chair had lived in two other homes. It became mine from a flea market. The rocking chair was original stain with some small character flaws. […]

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Musings on Inspire

Inspiration, common word Lift up but to where? Ourselves, others, both? Each of us decides to inspire other people. When or how, choice First, inspire yourself Self-esteem, essential Self-worth necessary Choose good, not bad Inspiration is love of ourself and the ones you choose to bless. Bless one daily with love and kindness, more also. […]

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