Life Changes

Life Changes Time creeps by slowly when you are young. Includes childhood, teen years, young adult. Speeding by as you watch your children grow. .

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My Cat

My cat sits with me while he Eyes the new tower bought for him. He looks so sad as he muses about His old hammock that I threw away. I’m not heartless…really I’m not! The old one had hole and couldn’t Be resuscitated no matter how I tried Now he hates me for not keeping […]

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Red Leaves

    I Red leaves are like tendrils of hair to the trees. Wind whips their hair tendrils into mats at the tree’s base with the passing of summer to fall. II The leaves redness glows like a summer sun or as a hot branch on a bonfire in autumn burns, consumed by the fire but the red leaves […]

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Winter will soon arrive. I live in middle Tennessee so winter is temperate compared to the North or Northeast. Susans Soul…

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  Introversion   You hide away frequently. Choose not to speak, too shy. You avoid groups and crowds. Hiding feelings is a must. No attention is sought, girl. Your creativity is ignored. No “see me” or “hear me.” Not you avoiding “take notice” Yet you long to be seen. Center of attention desired. Why do […]

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