She is Lovely

She is Lovely She embraces you deeply. Her perfume is sweet lavender. Smiling consumes your heart. Stars in her eyes fascinate you. The lifeline in her hand is yours. Joyously she laughs with you. She is lovely beyond measure. And you are so lucky to have her. She will love you forever more. You are […]

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Beauty’s Essence

Beauty’s Essence   Warm blue eyes Soft peachy skin Lips of rich red A womanly stature Breasts enticing Leads one to rapture Hair long, silky, smooth An hourglass waist Hands softly sensual Attractive red nails Exquisite long legs Alluring small feet Those of a dancer Authentic intellect Inviting demeanor Strength of character Kind and sweet spirit […]

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The Fairness of Your Skin

The Fairness of Your Skin I gaze upon your sensual being My breath catches so abruptly I was unprepared for your beauty The fairness of your skin is unique I liken it to a wondrous juicy peach How you capture my thoughts in day How my mind fills with wonder of you at night Oh […]

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  Lovely   She was both lovely and lovable. Her eyes were a deep brown. She wore her long blond hair like a tiara full of diamonds.   When she entered the room, she became central to all present. She was intelligent when needed, but didn’t flaunt her knowledge.   Her one flaw was trusting […]

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