Thoughts of You

Your eyes sparkling hazel. Your smile when joyful Your height above me Your thoughtfulness How kind when you cared. So many thoughts of you. If only… if only. I could forget your anger. Forget about your cruelty Not think of hurtful comments How unkind you could be. So many thoughts of you. If only…if only. […]

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I Don’t Understand

I Don’t Understand  The sun is out and beautiful. Still sadness invades my being. Yesterday it rained all day long. Yet I was saddened and lonely.   Even when angry I am sad I cry when saddened. I cry when content.  I cry when angry … I understood it was because of my abuse. I […]

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Pain Attacks

  Pain Attack Pain attacks this healthy body. Or so I thought to be healthy With pain you lose your days and nights with slumber fitful. I confess I felt healthy prior, but abused it with overeating and too little exercise and a silent diatribeactivity But my look back gives me No relief from the […]

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