Return to Me

Expectantly, I awaited your return, but you did not come to me again. I thought you would always be mine, but you left me on my own, so alone.   Could it be that you delayed to show how much I needed you? Or to create a boundary between our life souls? You breathe life […]

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Crave Days led by cravings To give in…weakens Living with guilt now Regret inhabits soul … Cravings consume still Moments of desire nag For all that forbidden Unceasing…Oh so tired … Praying for relief now Search for peace now To crave leads to find Path unguided … Peace of God’s presence The path is made […]

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Attributes of God

I forgot that I had this from a pin on Pinterest. This was as much as I could enlarge the image but if you click on the link then you can see it even larger and clearer. Susans Soul…

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Woke up today with a plan to share a pin from Pinterest. Not to be,  I failed failure. So often this happens to me.   Frustration follows my failings. Seems the harder I try then the more I fail at what I want. Today I promise failure stops!   Now I’m trying a paradyne that […]

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