Simply Chickens

Simply Chickens I sit on my patio watching the chickens. These are egg laying hens, youngsters  There are seven and owned by my daughter. Each chicken is named and different. They have different colors orange to black. They also have different personalities. The chickens are simple, amusing to watch. I wish my life was that […]

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Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights  Too many thoughts Scatter my brains. Watch TV bored Nobody to talk with Except my dog But he’s sleeping  See therapist on The morrow today Sleepless nights Anxious nights Meds don’t help Maybe a nap After appointment  Sleepless nights  Last forever more Sleepless nights Maybe one day  I’ll give them away Sleepless nights  […]

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Sadness, Friend of Depression

Sadness, Friend of Depression Sadness is present because sadness has been left alone. The end result is loneliness inside and outside. Depression hides in sadness’ closet so that he can spend time with her. Sadness knows what depression can do as she tries her mindfulness meditation to calm her anxiety. A few months ago, sadness […]

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Covenant With God

Covenant With God  God always loves us  Despite our shortcomings  because that’s who He is. – Covenant with my God Began at belief time and Will continue thru end time. – How can God love me? My sins engulf daily. Yet He is faithful to me. – As I stop throughout my day, I feel […]

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Not Enough

Not Enough Someone made me feel sad today. I felt inadequate, not good enough. Mind you, I knew I was ok in head. But for awhile I doubted myself. Will it always be this way for me? Will I ever just feel “normal?” I’m so confused now,confused. And then the feelings where I  Want to […]

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I Need Your Help

I Need Your Help I’m in trouble, Lord. I have decisions due. I can’t find answers. Each day is closer.  Thoughts unsure. Anxiety consumes. I’m exhausted, Lord. I seek You daily. I pray to You nightly. Still I can’t hear You. I’ve made To Do Lists. Nothing helps me. I know You see me. You […]

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