Lovers’ Trist

Lovers’ Trist Lovers undiscovered lay on the grassy turf with lust in their eyes. Invisible terrain holds surprises yet found. Even though the land is beautiful and lush, many secrets are held that the eye does not see. Animals stalk their domain. Wilderness foretells danger while the lovers continue their lusting and loving. Eyes watching […]

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Red Leaves

    I Red leaves are like tendrils of hair to the trees. Wind whips their hair tendrils into mats at the tree’s base with the passing of summer to fall. II The leaves redness glows like a summer sun or as a hot branch on a bonfire in autumn burns, consumed by the fire but the red leaves […]

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A poem written this morning on The prompt was “easy.” Susans Soul…

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Fire and Embers

Fire and Embers   Embers still reluctantly spark burning. Flames celebrate their glorious colors. Reds like blood, Ambers as my vase Oranges and yellows dancing about And the blues mesmerizing my gaze Sadness overtakes me as I stare.   Deadness surrounds me, grass, wood. Barren ground without our cottage The acrid odor of things still […]

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