Woodland Harmony

Woodland Harmony Envision woodlands. Smell the pine trees and slow dying leaves. Listen for sounds of birds. I hear an owl in the distance and a woodpecker near by. Birds form a woodland choir. Taste that woodly sense of growth, decline as air fills your lungs with invisible wind blowing. Touch the hardy earth below […]

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Heat and Cold Surrender

Heat and Cold Surrender In the heat of the day  Quietness envelopes  Closed eyes relaxing Dreams of cold surrender  To thoughts of ice cubes, Ice cream, cold water The lake has yet to see the Cold dreams as I wander The sun claims who it will I, roused by kids playing  nearby, return to my […]

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I have lost something Very valuable to me. Not money, not credit, Not a trinket or even Valuable jewelry. Yet valuable to me. No, not my freedom Since Covid19 virus Not my daughter but As loved as she is. I’ve a personal loss Of my precious cat. I knew he was sick. I tried to […]

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The Quiet of Morning

When I awaken, I notice the quiet of Morning. Nobody yet awake seems a gift from God. This quiet is my favorite time to pray. Soon the day will give way to busyness. Noise and activity take over the remaining time. Of course busyness and noise are important. Those I live with are happy with […]

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The sound of chimes as wind blows The movement of fallen leaves The distant church bell ringing The softness of a puppy’s fur The soft purr of a cat in your arms The softness of newly grown grass The gentle breeze across your face The silence of the shining sun The touch of a first […]

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Sunshine Where Are You?

I awoke to sunny skies But in my heart, storms. Spring was present. Winter storms around me. I sat for a few moments And thought about the The juxtaposition within. But could not decide the purpose. So, after some time I let it go and dozed. The answer evaded me. Susans Soul…

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