Heavenly Quiet

Heavenly Quiet   A quiet hush fills all of Heaven when God’s Righteous Son stands.   Jesus speaks of times of quiet here in Heavenly Realms betwixt songs.   The Holy One, speaks still small voice sharing His Love to all those saved.   Each dwelt in Heaven, full of quiet anticipation as The Son […]

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Woodland Harmony

Envision woodlands. Smell the pine trees and slow dying leaves. Listen for sounds of birds. I hear an owl in the distance and a woodpecker nearby. Birds form a woodland choir. Taste that woodly sense of growth, decline as air fills your lungs with invisible wind blowing. Touch the hardy earth below both of your […]

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Early Sabbath

Sunday is holiness when Midnight strikes the clock Few share early Sabbath with prayerful gratitude. The Lord longs for you during this lonely time. Your God welcomes you with Grace and Love. He is constant in this Sabbath celebration.   Susans Soul… join us…  

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