Woodland Harmony

Envision woodlands. Smell the pine trees and slow dying leaves. Listen for sounds of birds. I hear an owl in the distance and a woodpecker nearby. Birds form a woodland choir. Taste that woodly sense of growth, decline as air fills your lungs with invisible wind blowing. Touch the hardy earth below both of your … Continue reading Woodland Harmony

Mine Town Story

Mine Town StoryWest Virginia Born, I was.Not by choice here in 1951Living in a Company Townwe call hollers, no towns near.Food is scarce, but work's scarcerNot many choices left 'cept towork the coal mines three shiftsor could be a farmer or a bum.Money here is Paper Scripand only payable to the minerto buy and pay … Continue reading Mine Town Story

Imprint of You

Imprint of YouPrint your image inside my eyelids.Let me not ere forget your beauty.The sweet peach softness of skin.Your beautiful robin-egg blue eyesfloat into my concious desire of you.Leave me not alone with this imprintof your being etched only on my soul.Be near to my body touching yours.Reach near me with a caress of hope.Draw … Continue reading Imprint of You

In the Beginning…

In the Beginning...I think I have heard that before...Oh, yeh, God said that in Genesis.Hello and Welcome to Susans Soul Poetry where I would like to have you visit often, feel comfortable, and realize that some of my Old Soul Poetry may cause you to wonder or think or even disagree. Each person experiences poetry … Continue reading In the Beginning…