Manipulation ManipulationI encourage youTo VICTIMIZE meSo that I canFeel unworthyThe game I playInvolves settingUp myself asWell as youTo misuse meAnd abuse me.I can then say“None of thisIs my fault!”I’m a VICTIMOf Circumstances.© 1986 Susan Langer From my Journal when first treated for childhood sexual abuse. © 7 minutes ago, Susan Langer    society • sad • family • anger   

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This is a poem written a few months ago for a contest on, The picture was the prompt. BTW I didn’t win. Anyway, here was my take on the prompt. Susans Soul…   Facade Such a large structure demandingGreat recognition and respect from all.Strong and sturdy housing a multitudeOf rooms and people, the respected […]

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Her Choices

Deb McComber book cover for “A Bend in the Road” Her ChoicesThe road she travels weekly from country home,four tires crunching the turn in the road to town The pattern grueling as she spends five in the city,then home for two and time with her baby, her mom.Times were hard in 1949, choices even harder.Notice the […]

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