Angry Youngster

Angry Youngster Angry, bored youngster Could be girl, hair short Or boy needing haircut. Clothing navy shorts, top Feet were bare, no shoes Still, descriptive boy or girl Child showed angry face Stare half out window, half staring ahead at shelf. Unaware cause, so, asked. “Why so angry little one? Why so silent and alone?” […]

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Bubble Wrap Mood

Bubble Wrap Mood Mood is strange today.Not happy; not sadJust numbness prevailsImages of brain cellswrapped in a masscotton or bubble wrap.I’ve lost my karma orreasons for prostratingself with visibility.Where am I? Lost?Dark closets suittoday’s mood.Need to crawl intoone in search ofmyself. © an hour ago, Susan Langer    random • thoughts • disconnect

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