My Cat

My cat sits with me while he Eyes the new tower bought for him. He looks so sad as he muses about His old hammock that I threw away. I’m not heartless…really I’m not! The old one had hole and couldn’t Be resuscitated no matter how I tried Now he hates me for not keeping […]

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Weeping The heavens bow down Sadly weeping for the absence of reverence. Feel the weight as your own weeping head looks to the sky asking for forgiveness for myself.   Susans Soul…

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Sad Departure

Sad Departure   You left today Left me alone My best friend Now I’m here You are absent So much fun Such freedom Now both gone Crying real tears Struggling so I will miss you Sad departure Goodbye friend   Susans Soul…

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Darkness Cedes

Darkness Cedes   The light fades as the sun sets. Darkness cedes the lowered sun. A quietness washes in as a wave. All that is heard squirrels scurrying. Even they know it’s eventide.   Walking along even shadows hide. In the distance, I see a lone light. It is too far to light my lonely […]

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