Sadness, Friend of Depression

Sadness, Friend of Depression     Sadness is present because sadness has been left alone. The end result is loneliness inside and outside. Depression hides in sadness’ closet so that he can spend time with her. Sadness knows what depression can do as she tries her mindfulness meditation to calm her anxiety.     A few months ago, sadness […]

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Painting and Poetry

Artistic Comparisons Painting and Poetry are much the same.The painter creates an image to be seen.Gazes turn to the beauty that talent created.The poet weaves a painting with unique andbeautiful words and phrases plus artistry.Read far and wide, heart beckons poetry.Whether a connoissour of canvas and tapestry,or one enamoured with poetic word artistry,beauty surrounds each by […]

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Just Imagine

Just Imagine Just imagine a world full of peace. No wars, no terrorists, no bombings or shooting. No violence of any kind against man, beast, or nature. Just imagine the world like this. Is it possible? Not as long as the world is run by Satan and Evil. But just imagine it. Peaceful leaders, peaceful […]

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