Musings on Inspire

Inspiration, common word Lift up but to where? Ourselves, others, both? Each of us decides to inspire other people. When or how, choice First, inspire yourself Self-esteem, essential Self-worth necessary Choose good, not bad Inspiration is love of ourself and the ones you choose to bless. Bless one daily with love and kindness, more also. […]

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Mine Town Story

Mine Town Story West Virginia Born, I was. Not by choice here in 1951 Living in a Company Townwe call hollers, no towns near. Food is scarce, but work’s scarcerNot many choices left ‘cept towork the coal mines three shiftsor could be a farmer or a bum. Money here is Paper Scripand only payable to […]

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This is a poem written a few months ago for a contest on, The picture was the prompt. BTW I didn’t win. Anyway, here was my take on the prompt. Susans Soul…   Facade Such a large structure demandingGreat recognition and respect from all.Strong and sturdy housing a multitudeOf rooms and people, the respected […]

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