Flowers and Forgiveness

Flowers and ForgivenessA difficult time as I watch my dying father.3:00 am all alone except for your ragged breathsFather won't live through the dark, starless night.Coldness surrounds like a cloak of regrets, wishes..Our relationship marred with alcohol and abuse.Feelings of forgiveness flood my consciousnessfrom my inner soul like a river flowing downstream.I know that You, … Continue reading Flowers and Forgiveness

Old Soul Battle

Courtesy of Unsplash.comOld Soul BattleRestlessness invades my soulSoul peace absent, abdicatesFocus...breath in deep.Focus...breath out slowlyFocus...breath in againFocus...breath out againCenter, soul, center. Breath inWhy the restlessness? Breath outInsecurity breeds restlessness.Lack of control procreates as wellRecenter...breath in deeplyRecenter...breath out slowlyOld Soul seeking soul peaceDenounce soul distressCenter...breath in deeplyFucus...breath out slowlyImage peace deep withinCenter...feel the harmonyCenter...feel deeper unityRestlessness … Continue reading Old Soul Battle