Evening Fog

Evening Fog   Evening settles in. Cloudy skies overhead welcome the appearance of fog. Fog falls like misty raindrops. Heaviness descends as the atmosphere changes. No color except nearby trees and a few fallen leaves of red. Grayness all around the lake Vision diminished to two feet. My spirit succumbs to sadness. On sunny days […]

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Woodland Harmony

Envision woodlands. Smell the pine trees and slow dying leaves. Listen for sounds of birds. I hear an owl in the distance and a woodpecker nearby. Birds form a woodland choir. Taste that woodly sense of growth, decline as air fills your lungs with invisible wind blowing. Touch the hardy earth below both of your […]

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Who is Free?

Who is Free? Wolf wanders to and fro searching food for pack. Eagle flies above his prey searching for moment right. Man wanders like the wolf looking for his next claim. Who among the three is fullest in outward strength? Which one has the most Inner fortitude to compete? What honor is bestowed to each […]

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God is so good. I woke up this morning feeling blessed by Him and realized that I don’t give him enough gratitude and thanks for His daily presence in my life. G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E Getting up this morningRadiant sunshine today,All God’s blessing He bestows.Tough times to mold me, lessons learned,Indwelling of the Holy Spirit as my guide.Triumph […]

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