Being of God, Holiness,  I AM speak to us by still small voice Cause us to seek our Creator. Let our being seek the Savior. Being of Jesus seek to know of His Holy Sacrifice for us. Look deeper into His eyes. Deeper understanding sought.   Do you seek superficially? Do you fail Him frequently? […]

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Musings on Inspire

Inspiration, common word Lift up but to where? Ourselves, others, both? Each of us decides to inspire other people. When or how, choice First, inspire yourself Self-esteem, essential Self-worth necessary Choose good, not bad Inspiration is love of ourself and the ones you choose to bless. Bless one daily with love and kindness, more also. […]

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Strength in My Weakness

Weakness aboundsin my legs despite my soulful objection. How I long for past days of youthful walk, jump, run. Reality defeats my imagery of fun frolicking as the young! continue and time proceeds. Like my physical weakness, so does my soul reminisce of days long past in youth. I long for what reality shows non-existentant, departed. I turn my woeful eyes and saddened soul to the Healer who gives […]

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Dance of Trust

Dance of Trust The sun rises as does my love for thee.Machinations wander the valley pathway.What is our purpose together? Apart?Thou lead and I follow until the sun’sabandonment gives way to the moon.Random thoughts impede me as darknessdiminishes my vision beyond today. Arise my love to sun’s daybreak rejoicing.Begin anew thy journey’s full purpose.I follow […]

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Imprint of You

Imprint of You Print your image inside my eyelids. Let me not ere forget your beauty. The sweet peach softness of skin. Your beautiful robin-egg blue eyes float into my concious desire of you. Leave me not alone with this imprint of your being etched only on my soul. Be near to my body touching […]

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