Mirrors and Spirits

Born of sand turned to flesh and bone, man, woman, child, old, newborn alike. God creates within us mind, soul, spirit. But we are created in His image, like Him. A mirror is a physical object reflecting whatever passes by–the outer part of being. The mirror mirrors the mirror of life lived, but mirror sees […]

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Trinity   God is Father, Creator. Jesus is God Man on earth. Holy Spirit given us after. Jesus’ sacrifice, death Three Parts All in One

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Asking God Questions

I sit alone in the early morning. The time I spend with God. I have prayed gratitude. I have prayed confessions. I have worshiped, praised Him. Then I ruin my prayer time. I ask God a question. Questioning God is allowed. It is the question “Why?” I lack faith. I start to cry. Who am […]

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Evening Fog

Evening Fog   Evening settles in. Cloudy skies overhead welcome the appearance of fog. Fog falls like misty raindrops. Heaviness descends as the atmosphere changes. No color except nearby trees and a few fallen leaves of red. Grayness all around the lake Vision diminished to two feet. My spirit succumbs to sadness. On sunny days […]

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Artistic Comparisons

  Artistic talent Comparisons Painting and Poetry are much the same. The painter creates an image to be seen. Gazes turn to the beauty that talent created.   The poet weaves a painting with unique and beautiful words and phrases plus artistry. Read far and wide, heart beckons poetry.   Whether a connoissour of canvas […]

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