Beauty’s Essence

Beauty’s Essence   Warm blue eyes Soft peachy skin Lips of rich red A womanly stature Breasts enticing Leads one to rapture Hair long, silky, smooth An hourglass waist Hands softly sensual Attractive red nails Exquisite long legs Alluring small feet Those of a dancer Authentic intellect Inviting demeanor Strength of character Kind and sweet spirit […]

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Waning Summer

Waning Summer Summer gives way to September, Warmer summer-like days diminish. Cooler mornings and evenings coincide. Sunshine visits cut short by day’s end. Sounds of children’s chatter at bus stops Schools resume scheduled classes. All a year older and a grade advanced. Flowers’ fall wither appears overnight. Except the Mums colorful brightness. Trees begin to […]

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Tan and green pine needles cover the forest clearing. Soft like a fluffy cushion they mimic walking sounds.   A stream of sunlight escapes Sun’s presence visiting us. I am one with the magical moments passing one by one.   I am at ease in the moment. I do not want the triune to end. […]

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Reflections (A Vignette)

As we head into the busy holiday of Holy Week for Easter, find time to relieve your stress by stopping for a little bit of time to read a poem, listen to a song, or meditate or pray. Then, you will be refreshed again. Reflections (A Vignette) I Reflections of light and sun peer through […]

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