Shadow Terror

Shadow Terror Shadows creep in preceding black so thick becomes blacker Sadness follows black shadows follows tears of angst proceed How I regret my life’s story All broken blackness told of girlchild abused with missing …memories… To tell of dark shadows seen Shadows, nightmares, father Deliver me from your blackness Emplore me this was just […]

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Mother Forgiveness

Mother Forgiveness Mother forgivenesshard to find within.New flashbacksImpede my pace.Did you momma?My mind says yes.But my heart saysNo. No. No? No?Flashback real.I forgiveYouAnyway. Susans Soul © 2018 Susan Langer   

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Manipulation ManipulationI encourage youTo VICTIMIZE meSo that I canFeel unworthyThe game I playInvolves settingUp myself asWell as youTo misuse meAnd abuse me.I can then say“None of thisIs my fault!”I’m a VICTIMOf Circumstances.© 1986 Susan Langer From my Journal when first treated for childhood sexual abuse. © 7 minutes ago, Susan Langer    society • sad • family • anger   

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