Strength in my Weakness


Weakness abounds within my legs despite my soulful objection. How I long for past days of youthful walk, jump, run. Reality defeats my imagery of fun frolicking as the young! continue and time proceeds.

Like my physical weakness, so does my soul reminisce of days long past in youth. I long for what reality shows non-existent and departed. I turn my woeful eyes and saddened soul to the Healer who gives strength in body, soul, spirit comforted by God.

I pray for strength to the One who draws me close with His presence felt within my soul. Jesus reminds me that youth is for the young and wisdom for those with life’s experience. Jesus strokes my hair tells me how His love for me continues.His promises are true and proven as I focus on the gift of strength in my soul and that I am loved by the King.

(c) Susans Soul…

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