Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame


Remember the sight of red rose.

The beauteous smell wafting

Surrounding greens, and more

Sights and sounds in the garden

The soft velvety touch to red rose

And sharp thorns sticking the brave

The season of the rose long gone


Remember last winter, the cold

The ice hanging from porches

White snow across the landscape

Autos that struggle to start, stalling

That deep sigh of relief when starting

Foggy breaths whenever speaking

Scraping stubborn ice off windshield


Remember the in between time, now

Too cold playing outside with friends

Noise for mom, boredom for children

Auto startup easily but cold til arrival

The grayness of sky’s lonely horizon

But the warm cocoa in from of fireplace

Quiet when neighbor kids go home

Quieter still when kids saying goodnight

And you tucking in dreaming of red roses


Susans Soul…

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