The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle

“Few knew about the castle hidden on the island.” And they wanted to keep it that way. The history of the castle was that it was haunted and they didn’t want a lot of publicity about it. Who needed ghost hunters or amateurs roaming around and spreading rumors?

One day, the family was devastated that the news had gotten out from one of the former help, but that idea died down quickly. Nobody really knew how the castle became common knowledge.

Rumor was that a young woman dressed in white wandered the hallways and grounds. There was also a dark sinister shadow roaming the first floor known to  follow people home. He was an evil one, that one. People became possessed by him which was how he went to their home wreaking havoc.

Tonight, the headmistress disappeared while boarding the ferry to go home. It was told that the dark sinister shadow possessed her and she drove her car into the sea. She was never seen again, nor her car.

(A little late for Halloween…Sorry)

Susans Soul…

Susan Langer

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