Fire and Embers

Fire and Embers


Embers still reluctantly spark burning.

Flames celebrate their glorious colors.

Reds like blood, Ambers as my vase

Oranges and yellows dancing about

And the blues mesmerizing my gaze

Sadness overtakes me as I stare.


Deadness surrounds me, grass, wood.

Barren ground without our cottage

The acrid odor of things still burning

Charcoal and black cover the bikes.

I soothe myself by humming music.

Burning eyes as if shampoo attacking


I turn away to see lights, other cottages.

Excitement as I’m overtaken by laughter.

I pick up the can and run down the Lane.

Speaking to myself,”Didn’t like it anyway.”

I jump into the truck, giggling as I drive.


Susans Soul…

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