Sadness, Friend of Depression

Sadness, Friend of Depression

    Sadness is present because sadness has been left alone. The end result is loneliness inside and outside. Depression hides in sadness’ closet so that he can spend time with her. Sadness knows what depression can do as she tries her mindfulness meditation to calm her anxiety.

    A few months ago, sadness was rarely seen. There was so much to do and places to drive to. But that was before the illness suddenly came into their lives. Sadness can only walk a few steps and the car has been sold to someone who will use it. But now, sadness and loneliness are always about causing trouble.

    Sadness loves to make the pain and loneliness worse. This causes anxiety to enter and all help to overwhelm. And depression waits his turn. He is good friends with them all. Soon, sadness will invite him in. Depression will patiently wait to be allowed in. He can’t wait!


illness beckons depression

sadness is lonely

sad plus lonely; depression


Susans Soul…

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