The Fairness of Your Skin

The Fairness of Your Skin

I gaze upon your sensual being

My breath catches so abruptly

I was unprepared for your beauty

The fairness of your skin is unique

I liken it to a wondrous juicy peach

How you capture my thoughts in day

How my mind fills with wonder of you at night

Oh how sweet your body’s scent encompasses

The fragrance on lilies and roses and lavender

I inhale your scent like my lifeblood depends

Allow me to gaze awhile longer at your face

Your skin’s fairness captivates any who gaze

Your voice is as crystals touch each other

Do not leave me now nor ever without you

The thought assails my mind’s eye and body

Instead, follow me to my hidden dwelling

I will cherish your presence forever

I will devote my life to you and you only

As the fairness of your skin becomes mine

Susans Soul…

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