Pain Attacks


Pain Attack

Pain attacks this healthy body.
Or so I thought to be healthy
With pain you lose your days
and nights with slumber fitful.
I confess I felt healthy prior,
but abused it with overeating
and too little exercise and a
silent diatribeactivity
But my look back gives me
No relief from the sharpness
of the next spasm…and the next.

Hear the bone crackle as bone
dances with bone, disharmony.
Feel the pain running sprints
down the legs, across the back.
Touch the heat as pain’s companion?
Smell the acrid odor of lack of a bath.
Taste the blood in the cheek as I
bite down against my agony, pain.
See the frailness with loss of health.

Description does not relieve.
So why write? To forewarn
not to abuse your body.
not to take health for granted.
My conscience leads me to
continue my silent diatribe.
Reviewing all of my faults on my
list, I saw the list grow longer.

Another sharp stabbing pain moves
down my hip to my right ankle.
I bite my cheek again until it eases.
Now, I was homebound using a walker.
My only trips out were to the doctor or
to therapy to strengthen my legs to not fall.
I find myself questioning why it happened.
No answers were forthcoming, none at all.


Susans Soul…


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