A Battle with Fear


A Battle with Fear


Pulsing through my veins

mixed with blood and electrolytes

is a foe for years.




It catapults from dark corners.

It springs from dark skies, clouds.

Rain often chauffeurs it to me.

Storms, whether rain, sleet, snow

contribute to my anxiety and fright.




Expected and unexpected outcomes,

planned or unplanned events partake.

Heart is pounding, skipping beats.

Hands sweaty or icey shaking as

my nemesis plots hostile takeover.

Eyes dilated, acute hearing increases.

Growing awareness; short-circuit here.




“One day you’ll fear me!” I shout aloud.

Surrender to my enemy is no option.

I close my eyes to recenter.


Deep breath in.  Breath out.

Breath in. Breath out.



Heart slows. Pounding diminished.

Recognize this only  a short reprieve.

Room spins from too many deep breaths.


Fear laughs at me!


I tire, take a clonazepam, and sleep.


Fear waits…



Susans Soul…

Join us…


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