She is Lovely

She is Lovely She embraces you deeply. Her perfume is sweet lavender. Smiling consumes your heart. Stars in her eyes fascinate you. The lifeline in her hand is yours.   Joyously she laughs with you. She is lovely beyond measure. And you are so lucky to have her. She will love you forever more. You […]

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Red Leaves

    I Red leaves are like tendrils of hair to the trees. Wind whips their hair tendrils into mats at the tree’s base with the passing of summer to fall. II The leaves redness glows like a summer sun or as a hot branch on a bonfire in autumn burns, consumed by the fire but the red leaves […]

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A poem written this morning on The prompt was “easy.” Susans Soul…

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Fire and Embers

Fire and Embers   Embers still reluctantly spark burning. Flames celebrate their glorious colors. Reds like blood, Ambers as my vase Oranges and yellows dancing about And the blues mesmerizing my gaze Sadness overtakes me as I stare.   Deadness surrounds me, grass, wood. Barren ground without our cottage The acrid odor of things still […]

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Evening   As sun sets over horizon Beyond mad rush hour Evening tucks us into Nighttime darkness Time for family Time for dinner Time for you and me Relaxed in front of fire Cuddling with children TV off but Kindles on Soon evening routine Wash up, teeth brushed Then to bed, lights off You and […]

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