Forgiveness   Lord forgive my inconsistency. I miss you when not meeting. Forgive my lacking constancy as my moods change frequently.   Lord, hear my mercy pleas. Remind me of your grace. Show Your loving mercy to me, now, as I seek You.   Forgive my lacking faith as You show faithfulness. Return to me […]

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  Abandonment   Old shack on unkempt grounds Weeds, wild daisies surround Planks grayed, broken, damaged. Door askance as if left in hurry. Walk inside takes risk to safety. Windows mirror the brokenness. Lonely continuity room to room. Dust catches in coughing throat No furniture remains in place except old blue, broken couch. Looks as […]

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Waning Summer

Waning Summer Summer gives way to September, Warmer summer-like days diminish. Cooler mornings and evenings coincide. Sunshine visits cut short by day’s end. Sounds of children’s chatter at bus stops Schools resume scheduled classes. All a year older and a grade advanced. Flowers’ fall wither appears overnight. Except the Mums colorful brightness. Trees begin to […]

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Questions   Why must I question God? Why is a lack of trust my start? What do I expect from God? Learning to trust is a process. Fear is my usual state of mind. And when not filled with fear, I lack self-worth and esteem.   My God is patient with me. I imagine He […]

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