Lovely   She was both lovely and lovable. Her eyes were a deep brown. She wore her long blond hair like a tiara full of diamonds.   When she entered the room, she became central to all present. She was intelligent when needed, but didn’t flaunt her knowledge.   Her one flaw was trusting […]

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  Blood   Thick but thin Viscous red Color bright Captures you Thoughts too We each bleed No one exempt Cut with knife Frustration too Cuts like knife And we bleed And bleed And bleed Leaving us dry To the bone Scars are left Few remember Fewer care We each find Our own way But […]

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Rain and Wind

Rain and Wind   Rain pelts down all around. Follows gravity most times. Sometimes travels sideways when wind blows across.   Rain can be friend or foe. Depends on when and where In drought, it’s a friend to all. In hurricane, it’s unwanted foe.   Same said for winds that can be a welcoming breeze. […]

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Innocents Eyes of honesty Mouths speak integrity Noses sniff  falsehood Ears hear dishonesty Why must society; Why must we set out to tarnish their innocence? Why do we shoot Mockingbirds? Susans Soul… Author note: written after reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” again.   Join us…

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Shadow Terror

Shadow Terror Shadows creep in preceding black so thick becomes blacker Sadness follows black shadows follows tears of angst proceed How I regret my life’s story All broken blackness told of girlchild abused with missing …memories… To tell of dark shadows seen Shadows, nightmares, father Deliver me from your blackness Emplore me this was just […]

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