The Cat Named Elvis

The Cat Named Elvis

He wandered into my life.

The cat was a hand-me-down.

He was a rescue given to me.

The cat named Elvis (Costello).

He sleeps in a “bowl” cat bed

when he isn’t crying for food.

His meow is “mreow-w-w-w-r”

The sound is loud, annoying.

But he is my Tabby cat, mine.

This cat has won my heart,

so, Elvis is safe in his “bowl.”

“Mreow-w-w-w-r”, breakfast.

He’s fully in charge, not me.

Second-in-command, am I,

I go to my kitchen to feed him.

“Mreow-w-w-w-r” the cat cries.

“Okay,okay!” I cry, “Patience.”


Susans Soul…

Join us…

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