God Unfailing

God Unfailing


I look at my world each day.

It becomes smaller as my love

grows each moment for You.


I look at your creations and

I am overwhelmed by You.

You are my God Unfailing.


I search for You in prayer.

I find You there waiting.

You bow down reaching.


You show me that You are

the same yesterday, each day.

You are Unfailing daily to me.


I know of Your Unfailing Love.

I trust You completely most times.

But You Love anyway unfailing.


Your Love, Grace and Mercy

are forever unfailing to me.

I am Yours yesterday, daily.


I am but Your humble servant.

Teach me Your ways so that

I may live in Your house daily.


You are all-knowing, ever present.

You know me inside out and love me.

You are my God Unfailing. I love You.


Susans Soul…


Join us…


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