Holy One

Holy One   You are Holy. King of kings, Majestic indeed! You are my Savior and Redeemer. You are Living Water. You are Sacrificial Lamb. You are my All-in-All. You love beyond measure. You are Righteous. You are Fair to all. You hold me in Your Right Hand. You protect me from evil sins. You […]

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Angry Youngster

Angry Youngster Angry, bored youngster Could be girl, hair short Or boy needing haircut. Clothing navy shorts, top Feet were bare, no shoes Still, descriptive boy or girl Child showed angry face Stare half out window, half staring ahead at shelf. Unaware cause, so, asked. “Why so angry little one? Why so silent and alone?” […]

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The Old Rocking Chair

The Old Rocking Chair   The chair took residence in my room. I asked it “Why are you sitting here?” She answered not so I sat down on her. My chair had lived in two other homes. It became mine from a flea market. The rocking chair was original stain with some small character flaws. […]

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The Cat Named Elvis

The Cat Named Elvis He wandered into my life. The cat was a hand-me-down. He was a rescue given to me. The cat named Elvis (Costello). He sleeps in a “bowl” cat bed when he isn’t crying for food. His meow is “mreow-w-w-w-r” The sound is loud, annoying. But he is my Tabby cat, mine. […]

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God Unfailing

God Unfailing   I look at my world each day. It becomes smaller as my love grows each moment for You.   I look at your creations and I am overwhelmed by You. You are my God Unfailing.   I search for You in prayer. I find You there waiting. You bow down reaching.   […]

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Poetry   Poetry fluid to each who read Emotive to both poet and reader At times, draws stark contrasts Can be deeply sober, pensive Other times, light full of humor Poetry encompasses life lived It includes all language spoken Poet’s experience bestowed  To write poetry you embrace it Poets convey the art of language To […]

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