Quietness of Morning

Surrounding quietness Only the soft snoring of my dog as he sleeps. My day already filled with gratitude and wonder. So often I fail to look, listen, smell, touch God’s wonderful gifts given us in each tree, bird, animal, yes, and the quiet sweetness of my dog”s snoring. Peace and quietness abound. Look, listen! Susans […]

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Being of God, Holiness,  I AM speak to us by still small voice Cause us to seek our Creator. Let our being seek the Savior. Being of Jesus seek to know of His Holy Sacrifice for us. Look deeper into His eyes. Deeper understanding sought.   Do you seek superficially? Do you fail Him frequently? […]

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Musings on Inspire

Inspiration, common word Lift up but to where? Ourselves, others, both? Each of us decides to inspire other people. When or how, choice First, inspire yourself Self-esteem, essential Self-worth necessary Choose good, not bad Inspiration is love of ourself and the ones you choose to bless. Bless one daily with love and kindness, more also. […]

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Woodland Harmony

Envision woodlands. Smell the pine trees and slow dying leaves. Listen for sounds of birds. I hear an owl in the distance and a woodpecker nearby. Birds form a woodland choir. Taste that woodly sense of growth, decline as air fills your lungs with invisible wind blowing. Touch the hardy earth below both of your […]

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