Mind Shadows

Mind Shadows   Mind wanders in and out. Past and present abut causing juxtaposition.   One time kind thoughts of you, forgiving past. Other times unforgiving.   Shadows flit like fireflies. In and out, up and down. The gray sky contributes.   My mass confusion seems connected to the grayness. Yet, I prefer gray to […]

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Turn Your Eyes

Turn Your Eyes Beautiful grace Marvelous mercy Heavenly holiness Sanctified serenity   All seen through the eyes of Jesus. Turn your eyes… Turn your eyes.   True child of God Created by Him Sought by God Turn your eyes.   Saved by His Grace. Spilt just for you. Look at Jesus Turn your eyes, child. […]

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I am hospitalized and will not be blogging for a while. Please keep me in your prayers. Susan

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Sadness Befell Her

Sadness befell her today when she received the news. She dropped her head as her tears fell onto her lap.   She had kept her head high; hoped for good news. Now there was nowhere she could go…only reality.   She sobbed settling down. Dreams lost, forsaken, gone. Hopelessly her eyes stared ahead, but not […]

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Heavenly Quiet

Heavenly Quiet   A quiet hush fills all of Heaven when God’s Righteous Son stands.   Jesus speaks of times of quiet here in Heavenly Realms betwixt songs.   The Holy One, speaks still small voice sharing His Love to all those saved.   Each dwelt in Heaven, full of quiet anticipation as The Son […]

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Tan and green pine needles cover the forest clearing. Soft like a fluffy cushion they mimic walking sounds.   A stream of sunlight escapes Sun’s presence visiting us. I am one with the magical moments passing one by one.   I am at ease in the moment. I do not want the triune to end. […]

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