The Myth of Pray Rain and the Medicine Man

*This is an old myth with no author found, so I wrote it in my own style and words.

3000, 300, 30, or 3 years ago there was a severe drought where rivers and streams were only a trickle and food was scarce. People of the village kept crying out for rain, but it didn’t come. They were almost out of food and water, so they sent one of the tribe with all of their food and water provisions to find the Medicine Man to pray for rain.

The Medicine Man arrived and stood in the hot sun, raised his hands, closed his eyes, and smiled. There were no incantations or dances or cries for rain, so the people disheartened started returning to their Adobe huts. That was when they felt the first drops of rain fall. First drops fell on the Medicine Man’s face and on his  eyes. With a smile on his face he told them when asked. He said that he closed his eyes, visualized rain, and gave thanks showing gratitude.

Moral: Pray positive prayers. Believe you have already received. Visualize what you want.

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