Godly Appearance

Godly Appearance Your face shows etched lines of grace. Your movements magnetize my eyes. Your demeanor envelopes softness. You compassionately touch those near. Your character is truth and authenticity. Your smile can light candles in a cathedral. To be touched by you is a gift to my being. You appear and Angels sing in harmony. […]

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Return to Me

Expectantly, I awaited your return,but you did not come to me again.I thought you would always be mine,but you left me on my own, so alone. Could it be that you delayed to showhow much I needed you? Or to createa boundary between our life souls?You breathe life into my nothingness. I am despondent without […]

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Sorry but I will not be posting for few weeks because I am having cataract surgery on on both eyes. Susan

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Moon and Stars

Time moving slowlysecond by seconddays exhaust theirusefulness earlywithout cause I readily await theMoon shining withartwork of stars andconstellations abovedelight to show God’shandiwork and singpraise for starlightgiving wonderoussparkle in the skies. But with dawning ofnew day, time mustwander as the day’sever increasing trekfollows Sun’s slowpaces with wearinessawaiting Moon’s brightglow and ascensionwith brightness andconstellations causegreat gladness to God.

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Mirrors and Spirits

Mirrors and Spirits Born of sand turned to flesh and bone,man, woman, child, old, newborn alike.God creates within us mind, soul, spirit.But we are created in His image, like Him.A mirror is a physical object reflectingwhatever passes by–the outer part of being.The mirror mirrors the mirror of life lived,but mirror sees no inner essence of […]

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