Changes d/t GDPR-EU

New Information about Susans Soul Poetry

Unfortunately with GRDP (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance   being required by the EU on May 25, 2018, it has been much more difficult to operate a Blog without reading and understanding all that is legally required so that personal information is not shared with anyone unless you consent to that.

Because I have been marketing my two blogs (Reaching For Light) I will not be able to continue without major changes and costs for me. I have no income for my blogs. This is the reason I came to Blogger from Word Press. I was being charged for multiple services there and although I like Word Press, you need a higher income than I have on Social Security, my only income each month.

Susans Soul Poetry will continue with Susans Soul/Old Soul Thoughts, prose and poetry. I understand that people are very sensitive to the information that is held on websites and shared with other websites such as social media marketing. The cost for me to continue as I have been is way above what I can afford and it just seems that costs will continue to rise as more regulations are added because this is just the tip of the iceberg since the Facebook debacle and its ties to politics and fraudulently obtaining information.

After today, I will blog, but personally for myself or I may just use where I write my poetry. If you want to follow my poetry, you can either follow here (without marketing advertisement) or on all poetry. I will also have a book, Toward the Light, a poetic memoir of my childhood coming out soon. It is completed and I am looking for a publisher at this time. God Bless You Friends. Susans Soul…

A Blogger’s Lament

Kindness started our friendship.
Your mentoring me was a delight.
You are a writer I long have admired
Your Blog was a fun vacation tour.
It was full of facts and places far away.
Yes, you provided such UK knowledge.
Thank you for wit and patience, mentor.
Teaching by example showed the artistic
dedication necessary to blog and write.
I miss you since I’ve left WP.
Visit sometime?

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