Painting and Poetry

Artistic Comparisons Painting and Poetry are much the same.The painter creates an image to be seen.Gazes turn to the beauty that talent created.The poet weaves a painting with unique andbeautiful words and phrases plus artistry.Read far and wide, heart beckons poetry.Whether a connoissour of canvas and tapestry,or one enamoured with poetic word artistry,beauty surrounds each by […]

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Mine Town Story

Mine Town Story West Virginia Born, I was. Not by choice here in 1951 Living in a Company Townwe call hollers, no towns near. Food is scarce, but work’s scarcerNot many choices left ‘cept towork the coal mines three shiftsor could be a farmer or a bum. Money here is Paper Scripand only payable to […]

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Mother Forgiveness

Mother Forgiveness Mother forgivenesshard to find within.New flashbacksImpede my pace.Did you momma?My mind says yes.But my heart saysNo. No. No? No?Flashback real.I forgiveYouAnyway. Susans Soul © 2018 Susan Langer   

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Manipulation ManipulationI encourage youTo VICTIMIZE meSo that I canFeel unworthyThe game I playInvolves settingUp myself asWell as youTo misuse meAnd abuse me.I can then say“None of thisIs my fault!”I’m a VICTIMOf Circumstances.© 1986 Susan Langer From my Journal when first treated for childhood sexual abuse. © 7 minutes ago, Susan Langer    society • sad • family • anger   

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