Just Imagine

Just Imagine

Just imagine a world full of peace. No wars, no terrorists, no bombings or shooting. No violence of any kind against man, beast, or nature. Just imagine the world like this. Is it possible?

Not as long as the world is run by Satan and Evil. But just imagine it. Peaceful leaders, peaceful politicians, peaceful bosses, peaceful families. No infighting or abuse of any kind. Just peace and joy and happiness and rejoicing.

Communities that love other communities and share amongst themselves the resources each has. Just imagine no poverty, no discrimination, no evil competition.

Just imagine that we could live in the world like this. Is it possible? If we each try to impact one other person with kindness and love rather than indifference and hatred, it is possible. But the first step has to come from you.

You see, it’s a mindset, an attitude, a life of peace. It’s all inclusive. Will you join me? Doesn’t it sound enticing? Don’t you long for peace, happiness, kindness, joy, rejoicing? Who could show us the way? Could God show it to us?

Are you willing to risk coming to know God so that you can see if He and His Word are real, living in peace and harmony. Loving and unity are part of the equation.

Just imagine that you wake up tomorrow and find all this to be true. Just imagine. Can you?
Susans Soul…

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