A White Woman’s Thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. and Rights

” I have a dream…”

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. April 4th 1968. He was two years younger than me being born in 1953. He truly was a great man striving to bring equal rights to all people including the African Americans living then and today. If you have never heard the “I have a dream…” speech by Dr. King, please do so. It will shake you and bring you to tears but also let you know about Martin Luther King Jr.

Being of Caucasian race, I never experienced prejudice for my skin color that I was born with. I didn’t choose to be white. And African Americans did not choose their dark skin. Yet for centuries ,even today, people have discriminated against people of brown and black color. Why? Not an easy question to answer. The black and brown skinned people were brought to America as slaves. They did not wake up and say, “Let’s go to America today.” They were sold into slavery for profit so that white people could have cheap/free labor for their agriculture, their farms. Other ethnicities migrated to America for freedom and opportunity. All have been mistreated by those who feel they are superior to these people.

And even after President Abraham Lincoln freed the slave and ended the Civil War, prejudice continues. We are a country of people who are all races, all colors and should have equal rights. Yet we do not. We, as whites were raised to think the black and brown races are inferior to us and even dangerous to us. I grew up during the 50’s and 60’s when Martin Luther King Jr. was actively fighting for the black race to be treated as an equal race to whites. But even today, in 2018 there is a difference made my some people.

Just ask yourself, “Do I have the right to treat others of different skin color, ethnicity, gender as though they do not have the same rights as me?” “What am I doing right now, today, to ensure that all people have equal rights?” If you can honestly answer those two questions, then I give you credit for helping Martin Luther King Jr. spread his legacy of equal rights for all mankind and I applaud you.

I leave you with five quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. and a poem by Susans Soul. Susan…

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