Flowers and Forgiveness

Flowers and Forgiveness

A difficult time as I watch my dying father.
3:00 am all alone except for your ragged breaths
Father won’t live through the dark, starless night.
Coldness surrounds like a cloak of regrets, wishes..
Our relationship marred with alcohol and abuse.

Feelings of forgiveness flood my consciousness
from my inner soul like a river flowing downstream.
I know that You, Oh Lord, gave me gifts that night.
As the flood of forgiveness arrives, Rose of Sharon
embraces the death room, but peace replaces loss.
The rose of Sharon envelopes me with beautiful,
glorious perfume as your gifts from You, my Father.

Unsure how long Your perfume blessing remained,
but peace fell as a bridal veil with such grace.
Sweetness I felt and smelled as the perfume wafted
of You, my Rose of Sharon, my Lily of the Valley.
Your presence rested upon me that cold dark night. 
I listened for father’s ragged breathing, hearing silence.
My Jesus took your breath and soul with Him that night.
I, left only with the sweet, sweet smell and Your peace.

©Susans Soul

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©  15 days ago, Susan Langer    love • jesus • sweetness • nature • death   

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